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It is a great honor for us to welcome you on the website of the Ukrainian company SINTA-D. For many years our company has been a leading supplier of components and materials required for the production of upholstered furniture, mattresses, pillows, blankets, toys and clothes. SINTA-D is a dynamic company. It is an undisputed leader in its segment of the market. We always offer a wide range of products, which are much in demand, provide a high level of service and are very attentive to the needs and wishes of our customers.

SINTA-D owns its production base. Our company possesses a factory for the manufacture of nonwovens: spunbond with a production capacity of 1500 tons per year, wadding(sintepon) with a production capacity of 1500 tons per year and a factory for the production of a glue for polyurethane foam with a production capacity of 1200 tons per year. SINTA-D has its own manufacturing facilities. Our company possesses a factory which manufactures the products from non-woven materials with productive capacity of 1500 tons a year and a factory which manufactures bed slats (Latoflex) with productive capacity of 3300 m3 a year. We also have possession of some trucks which help us make logistics less time-consuming and provide effective delivery of the goods to our customers. Direct import of raw materials and foreign products allows us to offer our customers the goods of high quality at the most reasonable prices.

Having consolidated its position in the domestic market, our company is also entering the international markets with confidence. Due to high quality of the offered products, competitive prices and well-established system of logistics, SINTA-D has got a reputation as a reliable business partner with European standards of doing business. Although the company has recently entered the international market, it cooperates with a lot of producers of upholstered furniture and clothes in Eastern Europe and CIS countries. Never resting on its laurels and always striving for reaching more, our company constantly extends the sphere of its influence in the countries of Eastern and Western Europe.

Leading producers of upholstered furniture, numerous small and medium businesses, which have been working with us for many years, can recommend SINTA-D to others as a reliable and trustworthy company. SINTA-D is a dependable partner for its regular customers and is always open for mutually beneficial cooperation with potential ones.

SINTA-D is a leading Ukrainian company with European standards of doing business. The motto of our company is to supply the best products at the best prices exactly within the terms. Aspiring to be the best in our business and offering the best services make up the base of our everyday work with the customers.