The SINTA-D Company was founded in 2006. At that time the Ukrainian market of upholstered furniture production was only developing and demanded new approaches to the arrangement of uninterrupted and timely deliveries of fittings and raw materials for its needs. Within a short time, having a real plan of the development and a clear idea of solving the problems of its potential customers, SINTA-D managed to become an important and reliable partner of the producers of upholstered furniture, clothes, mattresses, blankets, pillows and toys all over Ukraine.

The history of the company's work in the market of deliveries of fittings and raw materials to its customers is the history of constant development. SINTA-D used to be a small firm which had nothing but an idea and a plan how to become an indispensable partner and supplier for its potential customers and offer them the best service and the best prices in delivering components and raw materials. Now the SINTA-D Company is the biggest and principal supplier of fittings and raw materials for leading producers of upholstered furniture, as well as different enterprises of small and medium businesses. The recipe for the company's success is very simple. SINTA-D is the best supplier and business partner for many companies for several reasons:

  • - we manufacture products using only the best European raw materials;
  • -production quality control at each stage – from loading at the producer enterprise to the delivery of the products to a customer. That is why the quality of the products, delivered by the SINTA-D Company, always meet high standards;
  • -a wide range of components and raw materials;
  • -high level of service and well-designed logistics;
  • -possession of own trucks, which helps the company to reduce expenses for the delivery and provide the best prices for its customers;
  • -its own production of sintepon(polyester nonwoven fabric), hollowfiber (synthetic balls), cottonpon (cotton nonwoven fabric), woolpon (wool nonwoven fabric), synthetic swans fiber, as well as birch and beech bed slats.
  • - own production of spanbond and agrofiber;
  • - own production of glue for polyurethane foam;

Our distinctive feature is an individual approach to every customer. The staffs of the SINTA-D Company are well aware of the needs of each of their customers and take great care of them.

Our team does our best in order to help the customers to solve their production problems effectively and efficiently.

We do not intend to feel satisfied with our present-day achievements and always work hard to improve the service for our customers. The SINTA-D Company goes on working at its development and the development of its inner structure. We always look for the new ways of offering our customers still more favorable prices for our products. In recent years the company has got its trucks which allow us to make timely deliveries to our customers and reduce expenses for freight and overheads. We created our own production base, transforming our company from trading into trading and industrial: our company now owns factories for the production of nonwoven products (sintepon, syntepooh, woolpone, cottonpone), spanbond and a glue for polyurethane foam. We also import raw materials which are necessary for the production of non-woven materials. It allows our company to reduce considerably the cost of the products and, therefore, the prices. Our own direct import of raw materials enables us to offer our customers high quality products of low prices we sell.

We have clearly defined our priorities in doing business. SINTA-D is the company which is oriented towards long-term cooperation and aimed at giving full consideration to the interests of its customers. Comfort, service, quality, efficiency, individual approach, low prices of the products for our customers are the things which let our company face the future calmly. Having established and strengthened its position in the domestic market, SINTA-D has confidently entered the international market. Among our customers are numerous producers of different forms of property in many countries of Europe and Asia.

The SINTA-D Company develops dynamically year after year. We offer you and your company to develop together with us.

We invite you to be our customer!



In 2012, we opened our own factory with a modern production line for the production of a non-woven texturized thermo-bonded fabric based on polyester fiber with a capacity of 1600 tons per year. The opening of this production made it possible to offer a wide range of products to our customers: sintepon, woolpone, cottonpone, sintepooh, etc. Our equipment allows us to make products with a maximum width of 3.2 m. The produced surface density ranges from 50g/m2 to 1000g/m2. Our products have international quality certificates.


In 2017, we built a factory for the production of spunbond. This material is used for the manufacture of medical clothing, furniture, roof membranes, agrofibre, clothing, etc.

The state-of-the-art equipment makes it possible to produce spunbond with a maximum width of 3.2 m, surface density of 10g/m2 to 150g/m2. If necessary, it is possible to add flame retardants, UV filters and other additives.


Sinta-D is a manufacturer of a glue for polyurethane foam under the brand name SINTEX.SINTEX glue is used in the furniture industry, production of mattresses and upholstered furniture, for gluing polyurethane foam with polyurethane foam, wood, felt, cloth, metal and polyurethane foam with plastic, as well as felt with felt and cloth with cloth.