Hardboard is the sheet material which is produced by means of hot pressing the mass of wood fiber formed as a carpet. This fiber is made through steaming and grinding up wood raw materials. It consists of individual tissue cells, their pieces and groups of wood cells. Among the sources of raw materials are the wastes of sawmills and woodworking, technological chips and fuelwood. In order to improve its functional properties some substances, such as synthetic resin, paraffin, ceresin, antiseptics and others, can be added to the mass. The carpet can be formed in water to make boards with one smooth side (a wet method of production) or in the air to produce boards with two smooth sides (a dry method).

Industrial production of hardboard was first started in the USA in 1922. This technology is considered to be the most widespread in the world and is applied by a considerable number of plants in different countries. In furniture production hardboard (from 3,2 to 5 mm thick) is used to produce construction elements of furniture, back walls and shelves of the cabinets and stands, lower parts of the sofas, drawers, headboards and partitions. It is also used in the production of bent glued parts with outer layers from sliced veneer of precious kinds of wood.

Product name Units of measure Packing
2745 X 1700 X 3, 2 unit -
2745 X 1700 X 2, 5unit -
2745 X 1700 X 2, 0 unit 200 units