Spanbond is a non-woven material which is applied to make a mattress more durable for a longer time. Moreover, spanbond is used in the production of different kinds of clothes, particularly, jackets.

Spanbond offered by our company varies in density depending on the type of the production process which it is going to be used in.

Product name Units of measure Packing
17 g/m2 (white)1000 m
30 g/m2 (white) 500 m
50 g/m2 (beige, white, black)250 m
60 g/m2 (beige, white, black)250 m
70 g/m2 (beige, white, black) 250 m
80 g/m2 (beige, white, black) 250 m
100 g/m2 (beige, white, black)250 m