Our company is a manufacturer of SINTEX glues.SINTEX glues are used in furniture industry in the production of mattresses and upholstered furniture, as well as for sticking foam to foam, wood, felt, fabric, metal and foam to plastic, felt fabric to felt fabric and fabric to fabric.

These glues have been specially developed to be used at the plants which produce and repair upholstered furniture. They are applied with an air gun (nozzle diameter is not less 1.5 mm under pressure 3-6 bar) and put on the surface in thin layers.

Sintex - is a non-combustible adhesive produced by our company only from European raw materials.

Technical characteristics:


synthetic rubber


organic solvent

Viscosity (4mm DIN cup)

120 sec


amber-coloured, red



Equipment washing




Ambient temperature

Min +10 C Max +30 C

Storage life

12 months in original packing

Storage conditions

In original packing at temperature from –30 C to +50 C


ton container, barrel, jerry can

Sintex Premium – 45% of solids

Sintex Standart – 40 % of solids

Sintex Eco – 35 % of solids

Sintex Spray - 35 % of solids

Sintex Light -30% of solids

Advantages over conventional glues:

1.SINTEX is non-flammable

The production is safe!

  • -Foam is electrified (there is a danger of spark)
  • -Static electricity
  • -Metal spring blocks (when being struck there is a danger of spark)
  • -Special storage conditions are not required.

2. Glue on the base of heavy solvent

  • In comparison with conventional glues solvent vapors of Sintex glue go down, thus ruling out a possibility of breathing in harmful particles.

3. Environmental friendliness

  • The smell of the glue is not strong, which creates favorable working conditions.
  • The glue does not contain harmful components of flammable glues (acetone, toluene, hexane etc.).

4. Glue solids 45%

  • The glue is twice as economical as conventional glues, thus allowing a company to save its money.
  • The glue is to be applied to only one side of the material (not to two sides as when using conventional glue).
  • It is more economical in application.

5. Drying time of the glue – 3 min

  • Corrections are possible to be made 5-7 times during 1-1,5 min
  • The work with the product is more comfortable
  • The number of defects decreases.

6.SINTEX gives a choice of colour depending on the application area

Red colour (to be seen when being applied to foam).

Amber colour (colourless) to be used with thin fabrics.