The mechanisms of furniture transformation

The mechanisms of furniture transformation are applied in order to lift a bed, transform a sofa and put a bed away into the closet.

While choosing a sofa, customers usually pay attention to its design, colour, the quality of upholstery and other elements of exterior and forget about the fact that one of the main criteria in the choice of the model of a folding sofa is that its transformation mechanism should be comfortable and reliable. It is often the transformation mechanism that determines the life of a set of upholstered furniture which as a rule includes a sofa and two armchairs. The life of a folding mechanism depends on reliability and simplicity of its construction, the materials used in the production of a mechanism and observation of operation rules. Many modern transformation mechanisms are produced by specialized enterprises in accordance with industry standards. It gives a possibility to replace the mechanism which has broken down or worn out with a similar one, and in some models of sofas even to change the old mechanism to a more modern and reliable one.

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