Spring block “Bonnel”

Spring block “Bonnel"

A spring block consists of five-turn springs of “Bonnel" type, made from high quality steel of 2.2 mm in diameter.

With ceaseless weaving the springs are connected with each other in a spiral way. An important peculiarity of the construction is gradual reduction of the turn radius towards the centre against the base which prevents turns contact, friction and creak. The frame of the block is made from steel of increased strength. The springs are fixed to the frame along the whole perimeter of the spring block from both sides. Due to this construction the spring block is not broken under the weight of a man as it usually happens with frameless blocks.

Our spring block keeps its elasticity under the weight of a body and restores its shape as soon as the effect of the weight is over. The block can support a favourable physiological position for the spine by evenly distributing the weight over the whole mattress.

Recommended load for our spring block is up to 120 kg per 1m3.