Woolpon is high-bulk non-woven material, which is thermally bonded and consists of a mixture of synthetic and natural fibers (sheep and camel wool). Woolpon is mainly applied in the production of blankets, pillows and orthopedic mattresses. It can also be used as insulation material in making winter outerwear. The application of natural wool helps to increase bulk characteristics and be steadily fluffy (resistant to being crumpled) and provides good heat insulation properties.

Woolpon made by SINTA-D contains 70% of natural sheep wool and only 30% of synthetic fibers. In Ukraine our company is the only producer of woolpon with such high content of wool (i.e. quality percentage ratio between natural and synthetic fibers in its structure). This product keeps in heat much better. It is environmentally friendly, has long service life and does not get rolled into balls in the wash.