Wadding(Sintepon) thermobonded is a non-woven material consisting of synthetic fibers which are thermally bonded.

Thermobonded sintepon is widely used today in the production of upholstered furniture, mattresses, pillows, blankets, as well as clothes.

Thermobonded sintepon is produced by means of mixing fusible low melt fiber with raw material followed by thermal bonding. A fusible fiber, as a rule, consists of the polyester base and fusible sheath. In the process of thermal bonding the sheath fuses. After being cooled the place of contact of usual and fusible fibers is fixed creating stitching of non-woven material. Migration of fibers in these materials is easily prevented by calendaring or hot treatment of the surface, which does not influence negatively the drapability of the material. The range of surface density of thermobonded sintepon is 40-1000 g/m². Depending on the purpose different kinds of fiber compositions are applied as a raw material – mainly hard polyester fiber.

Well-draped thin insulation materials made of siliconized fibers are used in the models which require especially graceful forms. When it is necessary to create volume for some items of clothing a mixture of polyester micro and highly crimped hollow fibers is applied. Mixtures of polyester and viscose fibers are used in the production of sportswear with improved water vapor permeability.

The ways of application:

  • -in the production of upholstered furniture as filling for seats, backs as well as elbow-rests of armchairs and sofas;
  • -in the production of bedding;
  • -in the production of outer-clothes;
  • -as a filtering, soundproof and thermal insulating material.
Product name
Units of measure
80 g/m2

60 m
100 g/m2

50 m
150 g/m2

30 m
200 g/m2

30 m
300 g/m2

20 m
400 g/m2

15 m
500 g/m2

15 m

Wadding(Sintepon) siliconized is a non-woven material consisting of polyester siliconized fibers which are thermally bonded.

It is mostly used in the production of pillows and blankets, as well as sportswear.

Hardness of the material can vary depending on its purposes.

Siliconized sintepon being compared with the usual one has an excellent ability to restore itself after being rumpled and washed. Polymeric fibers prevent dust mites, moths and mould from appearing in the sintepon.

It is used in the production of blankets, upholstered furniture and toys.

Density from 100 g/m² to 1000 g/m².

The width of the fabric is from 1.0 m to 1.8 m.

Product nameUnits of measurePacking
200 g/m230 m
300 g/m220 m
400 g/m215 m
500 g/m215 m
1000 g/m28 m