Synthetic fiber siliconized is filler for soft components of furniture, pillows and toys, which consists of synthetic fiber.

This modern material corresponds by its technical characteristics to its prototype – natural down, which was also used to fill pillows.

“Synthedown" is first class polyester siliconized spiral-like fiber of white colour, which was carded or combed. In everyday life it is sometimes called as “combed". It is applied as filler for pillows, toys, parts of furniture and items of clothing. Unique properties of synthetic down are explained by the structure of the material. The fibers of the material are twisted in a spiral way and work as springs, that is why the material is fluffy and contains more air inside. It is the air that is a great heat insulator, and the more air the material keeps, the warmer it is. Due to a spiral-like form of the fibers the material is easily pressed while being packed and then easily restores its shape.

The products made from synthedown are durable and keep their form for a long time and easily restore it after deformation at the expense of curling every fiber (up to 5 curls per 2,5 cm) and treating it with silicone. In order to reduce the weight of the material, the fibers, which it consists of, are hollow inside. But water does not get inside the fibers because of microscopic size of the holes.

Polyester fibers of the material are treated with silicone. Polyester does not absorb moisture, which results in the fact that synthetic down dries quickly and warms up even in a wet condition. The fibers treated with silicone are smooth and do not cling to each other, which prevents the material from getting rolled up and makes it more durable. Slippery siliconized fibers inside the blanket or jacket move independently of each other, thus creating in each case the most comfortable individual form, while the curls do not let fluffy mass fall into individual fibers. Compared with natural down this material is hypoallergenic. It has better thermal insulation that natural down. It explains the fact why synthetic insulator is more preferable in the production of clothing for the participants of geological expeditions. It is also important that feather mites and different malignant bacteria cannot live and develop in the synthetic filler.

Synthedown is absolutely nontoxic and environmentally friendly. It differs from sintepon by a better ability to keep warm, higher durability and greater compressibility. The fibers of synthedown have different thickness (linear density) – 7D or 15D and length (cutting) – 32 mm or 64 mm. The example of indication is 7D (0,78 tex) X 64 (32) mm “conjugate". Accordingly, 15D is the most elastic material with excellent self-restoring effect after deformation, but because of its rigidity, with bad ability to fill narrow cavities; 7D is more delicate and less elastic material, but because of its softness, more similar to feather and downy filling.

Product name Units of measure Packing
Synthedown siliconized kg10 kg