Holofiber is one of the varieties of siliconized synthetic fluff.

But, unlike the standard fibrous material, "holofiber" is a set of balls of mechanically twisted fiber.

The Holofiber of our production is made of 100% siliconized fiber, which provides support for the primary form and volume of the product throughout the lifetime. In addition, when using holofiber a significant saving in its consumption is achieved by using only high quality primary fiber.

Material quality:

  • very soft and light;
  • perfectly accepts any forms, but always restores;
  • doesn’t absorb the surrounding smells; damp-proof;
  • non toxic;
  • the fiber is completely hypoallergenic;
  • maintains washing at all temperatures;
  • does not accumulate static electricity;
  • perfectly holds warm.

Indispensable in the manufacture of blankets, decorative pillows, for soft toys and clothing.

Packaging: bags of 10 kg.