spunbond nonwoven fabric
Spunbond PP Non Woven fabric

Spunbond or Vliseline – non woven material thermally bonded from a melt of polypropylene, made by draw plate.

Production technology

The melt of polypropylene is released through the spinnerets in the form of thin continuous threads, which are then stretched in the air stream, and, being placed on a movable conveyor, creating a textile canvas. Threads on the formed canvas are subsequently thermo bonded. This fastening method allows us to produce a web of density from 11 g/m² to 140 g/m².

Spunbond has the next properties:

 geometric, which characterizes the thickness, width and length of the material: we offer material with width of the roll up to 1.6 m and the length as much as you need;

  • density: from 11 g/m² to 140 g/m²;
  • color: we provide a range of colored solutions - white, beige, brown, black, pink, cyan, red, blue, yellow, light-green and others.

Scope of application

Due to the peculiarities of production and multifaceted physical and mechanical properties of non-woven materials "spunbond", they are widely used in many industries and national economy:

  • material that is used in light industry, including the production of upholstered furniture, orthopedic mattresses, the manufacture of covers, bags;
  • agrotextile, covering canvas;
  • material for hygienic production;
  • material for the production of disposable clothing, including medical;
  • base for construction membranes and waterproofing materials.