STRUTEX is an inexpensive, artificial filler, which, due to its operational characteristics, is identical and similar to foam rubber, which can absolutely replace it in furniture manufacturing and other manufacturing sectors that use foam rubber as a filling and completing material.

In the manufacture of STRUTEX foam substitute, the technology of vertical fixing of fibers is used, which are fastened with high temperature, without glue and stitching. The canvas consists of three layers: two reinforcing outer and a thicker main layer between them. The fibers of the main layer by heat treatment are fixed vertically between the reinforcing layers. In order for the material to be sufficiently elastic, the fibers are arranged not strictly perpendicularly, but at a small angle.

 Due to the vertical arrangement of the polyester fibers in the STRUTEX foam substitute, mattresses and other products using STRUTEX are durable, reliable, easy to use, and have a good orthopedic effect. And also STRUTEX makes them warm, tough, well ventilated, which do not rot, do not burn and do not provoke allergies, pathogenic microbes are not bred in them. In addition to the above advantages, we add that STRUTEX does not creak, does not absorb moisture and does not repel high cost, with excellent quality.

The properties

• Does not cause allergic reactions, as it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly (does not emit toxic substances in the room;
• It is odorless;
• Has a porous structure, making products “breathable”;
• Hygroscopic, devoid of the "greenhouse effect". So, it does not grow moldy;
• Fungi do not start - saprophytes and dust mites;
• Does not ignite due to the features of the hollow fiber structure;
• Does not roll and does not crumple, quickly returning to its original state;
• Does not absorb odors;
• Does not accumulate static electricity;
• Does not have residual depreciation (does not sag) when used in sleeping accessories;
• Heat-resistant (does not lose its characteristics at high temperatures);
• Density from 180 to 1000;
• Minimum thickness from 1cm. The maximum for today is 5 cm. Tests are still being conducted;
It is restored better than foam rubber;
• If the order is in sheets, then transportation is similar, like foam rubber. If in rolls, then it is similar to transportation to a synthetic winterizer;
• Not combustible;
• Works with any adhesives for foam;
• Today, the width of the roll Max width is 2.6 m, Min width is 0.65 m