Polyester wadding (Sintepon) is a nonwoven fabric made of synthetic fibers, fixed in a thermal way.

Production technology

Polyester wadding is produced by mixing fusible bio component fiber with raw material, with subsequent thermocouples. The fusible fiber, as a rule, consists of a polyester base and a fusible membrane. In the process of heat-sealing, the covering melts, and after cooling, the place of contact of conventional and fusible fibers is fixed, creating a cross-linking of nonwoven material.

Polyester wadding has the next properties:

  •  geometric, which characterizes the thickness, width and length of the material: we offer material with width of the roll up to 2.2 m and the length as much as you need;
  • density: from 40 g/m² to 1000 g/m²;
  • view: furniture, textile, heater.

Application areas:

in the manufacture of upholstered furniture as a filler for seats, backs, armrests of chairs and sofas;

  • in the manufacture of bedding;
  • in the manufacture of outerwear;
  • as a filtering, soundproof and heat insulating material.