foam rubber glue

SINTEX glue is a adhesive of its own production (manufactured by LLC "SIN-TEX") and is used in the furniture industry, the manufacture of mattresses and upholstered furniture, for gluing foam rubber with foam rubber, with wood, with felt, with cloth, with metal and foam rubber with plastic , as well as felted fabric with felt, fabric with a cloth.

Type of glue: glue based on solvent and synthetic elastomer.

This glue is specifically designed for use in furniture manufacturing and repair companies. It is not flammable, which significantly reduces the risk of fire. It is applied with a pneumatic gun (diameter of the nozzle not less - 1,8 mm., at pressure 3-6 bar) on one surface in the form of a thin envelope. Due to the fact that the glue is one-sided, as well as its consistency is much higher than similar glues, its consumption is significantly reduced, and savings can be up to 40%.

Drying time: when applied to one surface - 3 minutes.

Packaging: canisters 15 kg. and 19 kg., barrels from 170 kg. To 235 kg., eurocube 1100 kg. and 1200 kg.