Agrofibre is a covering material made on the technology of "spunbond".

Due to its simple structure, this material allows sunlight to penetrate, at the same time protects against UV light, and perfectly passes moisture. According to this, the plants and the ground covered with agrofibre feel much better in this environment and as a result, everything grows more efficiently and bears fruit. Areas of use spunbond are almost limitless, these are vegetable crops, fruit trees, and flowers.

Black fiber is intended for mulching, not greenhouse effect. To wit, if under a white fibre light penetrates and the plants underneath it grow and lifts it, then nothing grows under the black agrofibre. And its essence lies, firstly, in completely destroy the weeds, and secondly, in creating the right climate, not on the surface of the soil, but only in the ground.

The principle of using a simple, black agrofibre spreads out on the ground, where planted is, and is sown in the cut holes either for seedlings or seeds. As a result, growth occurs only in slots, in other places nothing grows due to the lack of sun. On the other hand, water and air pass there and soil inside lives a normal life.

Mulching agrofibre guarantees:

  • effectively protects from weeds without the use of mechanical and chemical treatment;
  • the fruits do not lie on the open ground and don’t rot;
  • Improves the seeming of your crop;
  • passes moisture during irrigation and prevents the evaporation of moisture from the soil;
  • speeds up soil warming, which contributes to the early growth of plants.

We offer the next types of black canvas: 

Type of Agrofibre (density, g/m2)


Roll production

Products in packages

Agrofibre 50, UV - 4%

- wild grasses protection;

- Good passes water and air;

- Keeps fruits and berries clean;

- Under the material don’t rot and mold.

0,64*100 m. (64 m.2)

0,8*100 m. (80 m.2)

1,07*50 m. (53.5 m.2)

1,07*100 m. (107 m.2)

1,6*50 m. (80 m.2)

1,6*100 m. (160 m.2)

0,8*10 m. (8 m.2)

0,8*5 m. (4 m.2)

1,07*10 m. (10.7 m.2)

1,6*5 m. (8 m.2)

1,6*10 m. (16 m.2)